1890’s Eastern Europe
Our story goes back to the 1890’s in eastern Europe proudly celebrating 5 generations of livestock, Liquor and grain traders. Our Passion for service that is still strong today.
April 21
Searching for a new start after our family’s business and properties were nationalised by the communists, our, forefathers escaped from eastern Europe to Australia in the early 1950’s. As true entepreneurs the family founded many startups including restaurants, liquor distilling, liquor retailing & trading, food retailing, food franchising, food manufacturing and meat export trading. Today we apply the values passed down from each generation in everything we do.
April 21
After many years successful years of meat trading we saw opportunities to use our expertise in sourcing meat to create a unique meat retail concept.
April 21
2011 The Meat Store CARINGBAH
Built from the ground up striving to offer the best quality meat while matching this with our passion for service. Believing good quality produce shouldn’t be a privilege but available to everyone.
April 21
2013 The Meat Store BONDI JUNCTION
After numerous requests from our customers in the Eastern Suburbs we opened The Meat Store Bondi Junction.
April 21
2016 The Meat Store Online
After many years of planning we launched The Meat Store Online. Innovating the way you order meat online, hand cutting meat fresh to order, offering same day delivery and introducing honest online buying where after packing your order we reweigh everything and apply it to what you have already paid. If the amount is less than what you paid for we will issue an partial refund the same day onto your credit card, if its over its on the house !
April 21